Since a decade, SEMYUNG started as importers of state-of-the art technology from USA and Germany for Korean industries, especially in the fields of Lithium Battery, OLED and IT.

By the help of strong growth engine we had got from Battery and LED business we have decided to invest in R & D and to expand our business lines in order to meet the market needs from overseas countries. It covers all IT related Network and Communication products.

Semyung India having strategic partnership with leading Korean organizations have built expertise in the fields of Telecommunications, Bank Automation, Printing, Security Solutions, Control System, Power and Lighting by supplying value for money products, services and solutions.

We, Semyung have therefore organized a concerning expert group with small and medium sized industries to become a global leader in transferring Technology and Manufacturing.

It is our motto to challenge to world market. We will be a pathfinder in the products and technologies that we deal with.

Semyung India History

Dec. 2003’     :    Started India Business
Dec. 2004’     :    Established India Liaison Office (Semyung Ever Energy India Liaison Office)
Apr. 2005’     :    Approved by RBI (Semyung Ever Energy India Branch Office)
May 2005’     :    Established Semyung Ever energy Branch Office
Jun. 2005’     :    Established ‘Semyung India Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.
Nov. 2005’     :    Started Cable Modem Business (Joohong)
Dec. 2005’     :    Registered Importing & Exporting Code (IEC)
Dec. 2005’     :    Started Importing & Exporting Business
Jan. 2006’     :    Started Keyphone Business (Maxtel)
Feb. 2006’     :    Started In Line Printer Business (Tibet)
Apr. 2006’     :    Started Lamp Business (Manufacturing Machine (ACE, Korea)
Jun. 2006’     :    Started Li-ion Battery Business (Manufacturing Machine)
Apr. 2008’     :    Started Mobile Phone Factory Automation Business
Sep. 2008’     :    Started supply of Precision Dispensing Pumps (Hibar, Canada) to Ball Pen Makers
Feb. 2009’     :    Started supply of Li-ion Cells (18650 type) to Battery pack Makers
Sep. 2009’     :    Started Spin Coater & Mask Aligner Business for OLED R&D Organizations
Oct. 2009’     :    Started Solar Cell/Panel Business
Feb. 2010’     :    Started Plastic Injection Molding Machine Business
Oct. 2010’     :    Started Audio Codec Business (Digital Audio Broadcasting)
Feb. 2011’     :    Started Automation Business in Plastic Injection Molding with Robots,Auto Clamps & Auxiliary Equipments
Apr. 2012’     :    Started Industrial Robot Automation Business (Hyundai Heavy Industries Robots, Korea)
May 2012’     :    Signed MOU with L&T Plastic Machinery Ltd., for Robots, Auto Clamps & Auxiliary Equipments Business
Sep. 2012’     :    Started Branch office operations in Delhi & Pune
Dec. 2012’     :    Started Warranty, After Sales Service & AMC or Hyundai Heavy industries Robots.
Mar. 2013’     :    Established Centralized Service Center in Chettipedu(Near Hyundai Motors India)
Jun. 2013’     :    Established Warehouse in Mannur (Near Chennai)

Organization Structure

Semyung India Locations

Head Office

Semyung India Enterprises Pvt, Ltd.,
Head Office

Plot No. 131, 1st Street,
VGP Selva Nagar Extension,
Velachery, Chennai - 600 046.

Technical Center

Semyung India Enterprises Pvt, Ltd.,
Technical Center

No:100, J1 Tower,
Chettipedu Village,
Thandalam Post,
Sriperumbudur Taluk,
Tamil Nadu - 602105.

Centralized Service Center

Semyung India Enterprises Pvt, Ltd.,
Centralized Service Center

No 1/99, Arakkonam Road,
Sriperumbudur Taluk,
Kanchipuram District,
Tamil Nadu - 602105.