MICO Myoungjin has had the honor to be in partnership with our company for years since the establishment in November 1, 1989.

MICO Myoungjin is a reliable and innovative general equipment company that provides a quick, accurate, safe and easy die change system for the equipment’s, including a press, am injection molding machine, a die casting, and a forging machine.

Main products includes the quick die change systems(QDC System), the mold rack, the die opening/closing turnover machine, and the mold moving cart.

Paying attention to the invoice of customer, MICO Myoungjin is endeavoring to meet the customers need based on the “Quality First” Philosophy.

Mold Inspection Machine

How have you maintained the molds in your injection molding plant? By the conservative method, we had to tilt the tools manually by means of dangerous tools or use the existing hoist (crane) or mold reversible machine for mold inspection and repairing job. And we did assemble the tools by the same way.

Now, there is a simple and safe solution to maintain the tools. This is far from dangerous method, Our MOLD OPEN-CLOSE UNIT can be equipped with hydraulic or magnetic clamping system on fixed and movable plates to fix the mold in the unit so rapidly. It can easily control the mold tilting and place so precisely, by which it is really simple for mold maintenance and repair service. It is also possible to tilt the mold either it is halves or a coupled tool.

Semyung India supplies the mold Open-Close Unit in several sizes up to 200T mold weight. For safety reason the unit can be equipped with a safety system, with safety sensors which also stops any movement if somebody comes too close to the unit.

Simple and safe maintenance of your expensive tools

  • Mold can be tilted 180 degree.
  • QDC system makes it easy to exchange the molds.
  • Mold can be tilted 90 degree.
  • Mold shut-off pressure (100ton) test is available.(optional)
  • Ejector cylinder will make demonstration of the ejector movement.(optional)
  • Custom made is accepted upon the usage.
  • Safety system is equipped.(optional)


Model Capacity
Plate Size (mm) Mold Size (mm) Daylight(mm) Stroke(mm) Motor(KwXP)
MU-3 3 700X700 500X500 800 500 3.7X6
MU-5 5 1000X1000 700X700 1100 650 5.5X6
MU-10 10 1400X1400 1100X1100 1700 1000 11X6
MU-15 15 1700X1700 1400X1400 2100 1300 15X6
MU-20 20 2000X2000 1600X1600 2400 1500 22X6
MU-30 30 2200X2200 1800X1800 2600 1600 30X6
MU-50 50 2800X2500 2300X2000 3000 1800 45X6

Application Video