Nongshim is a food company that produces instant noodles and snacks. Nongshim has led the Korean food industry since our establishment in September 18, 1965; especially, stepping in the millennium, Nongshim has spared no efforts to take off toward a global food company and help create a better life by providing end-to-end services for the improvement of customers' health and lifestyle. Nongshim has substantially contributed to the development of the Korean food industry through our research institute that neve stopped making investments in R & D since its establishment along with our start-up. As of now, about 100 researchers of high caliber holding a doctor's or master's degree work with the research institute.

Nongshim to become a truly global food company customers and the market, opportunities and future all over the world to find the taste of NongShim, Korea has spread taste. Based strategy, the U.S., China and Japan in the ongoing new markets, Europe and Southeast Asia, according to the regional characteristics of aggressive promotional activity is leading to revenue growth. USA.

Noodle Manufacturing Line

We provide an optimum system that guarantees the taste and quality, and make sure the system obtains the competitive edge.Especially, Nong Shim Group will continuously provide you with its latest production methods.