Rapid information & communication Co., Ltd was founded in 2000, by a group of Telecommunication professionals. Rapid is one of the leading telecommunication Limited Company in Korea.

Rapid started its business by supply of subscriber line fiber optics transmission equipment systems.

Rapid also develops and Manufactures broadcasting equipment systems like,

1. E1 Audio Codec Multi channel (Broadcast) .

2. Audio Codec Standalone ( Broadcast).

3. IP Audio codec (Broadcast).

4. Data Service unit (DSU).

5. E1 converter (CSU).

Rapid supply its products to various broadcasting & telecommunication companies like Korean Broadcasting System(KBS), Korea Telecom(KT), LG Telecom, Munwha Broadcasting corp(MBC), Seoul Broadcasting Corp (SBS), Arirang TV, Yunhap TV News (YTN), Traffic Broadcasting Co(TBC), Telecom of Thailand(TOT).


SoundCross is a Digital Audio Codec Multiplexer which is avail either to encode or to decode Analog Digital Audio Signal over X.21(Nx64) or E1(2.048Mbps) to transmit to remote station.


  • Cards capacity
  • Max. ports/unit : 1Port Digital/Analog
  • Audio: Stereo 1channel

  • Interface
  • Audio : Balanced XLR-3
  • X.21( n x 64) : DB-15 x2
  • 10/100Base-T: RJ-45

  • IP Interface
  • Interface : 10/100 Base T
  • Connector : RJ -45

  • Network Management
  • Interface : RS-232C, Ethernet
  • In-bandManagement over E1

  • General
  • Dimension(mm) : 493(W) X300(D) X45(H)
  • Power : 110/220VAC

  • 2.048Mbps Interface
  • Line data rate : 2.048Mbps
  • Line coding : HDB3
  • Impedance : 120ohm
  • Connector Type : RJ-45 x2



SoundCross-M ( Multichannel Audio Codec / E1 Multiplexer ) can transmit the signal of Voice, Audio, Data and Ethernet to remote station with up to E1(2.048Mbit/s) class.


  • Cards capacity
  • 3 Channel (Voice, E&M)
  • Data Audio, 10/100 Base-T :1channel

  • Network Management
  • Interface: RS-232C, Ethernet
  • In-band Management over E1
  • GUI

  • 2.048Mbps Interface
  • Line data rate: 2.048Mbps
  • Line coding: HDB3
  • Impedance: 75/120 ohm
  • Connector Type: BNC/Wire warp RJ-45


Point to Point
Point to Multi Point
Add Drop


SoundCross-IP has two channels high quality audio Signals usage for transceiver from studio, out door broadcasting,other reley broadcasting. Digital/Analog codec is accomplishment for tansmission to main equipment by use of IP Network, which is connected to one circuit stereo digital/analog signal after compressed signal.


  • System capacity
  • Audio Type: 1Port Digital/Analog
  • Audio: Stereo 1 channel
  • Network Management
  • Interface: RJ-45
  • Dimension (mm):208(W) X 302(D) X 50(H)
  • Power: 110 ~ 220VAC
  • Weight: 1Kg